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Extru-Tech Hires Renowned Aquaculture Specialist

Published November 01, 2016 14:37

Dana NelsonSABETHA, KS — November 2016 — Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the aquaculture feed manufacturing industry, Dana Nelson has recently joined Extru-Tech, Inc. as an Aquaculture Specialist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nelson is perhaps best known as one of three owner partners in Nelson & Son’s, Inc., the original developers and producers of Silver Cup Feeds. After selling the company to Skretting USA in 2008, Nelson continued to work for Skretting for the next five years as production manager and, ultimately, project manager, before retiring from the company in 2012 with the goal of playing more golf.

Although he enjoyed the freedom of being detached from a 24-hour-a-day aquafeeds plant, Nelson says he quickly discovered that he was much better at making aquatic feed than playing golf or skiing. Consequently, Nelson has returned to the aquaculture industry to the benefit of Extru-Tech’s wide range of aquafeed customers.

A graduate of the University of Utah, Nelson originally planned to attend law school. Instead, he ended up joining his family in the feed mill business. By 1992, Nelson had expanded the company vision and begun building a new facility outside of Salt Lake City with new extrusion lines dedicated specifically to aqua-feed production. Shortly thereafter, Dana and his cousins, Richard and Chris Nelson, who had also been involved in their family’s feed milling business, acquired the company from their parents and developed Silver Cup feeds.

“Most of our success revolved around providing our customers the best feed available backed by the best customer service,” says Dana, who was responsible for production and most of the operational activities. “Looking back, one of our strengths was our vision from different perspectives.”

In a tribute to the Nelsons and Silver Cup in a 2012 issue of The Fish Line, a publication of the Colorado Aquaculture Association, Rick Barrows, USDA Agricultural Research Service, stated, “Dana’s ability to tweak and reconfigure equipment to make it perform beyond specifications is what has made the Silver Cup products look good, perform well and help stabilize costs to the customers.”

Now, Dana Nelson brings that same kind of passion and commitment to Extru-Tech, where he will assist customers with the use of Extru-Tech equipment in the production of a wide variety of aquatic feeds.

“I am quite passionate about aquaculture in general and process equipment specifically,” says Nelson, who continues to live in Salt Lake City with his wife and four children that range in age from 15 to 23. “I truly am returning to work because I miss these things and Extru-Tech is a great fit for doing this. I truly hope I can add value to this relationship.”

Extru-Tech, Inc., headquartered in Sabetha, Kansas, currently produces and markets one of the industry's most complete lines of extrusion processing systems. along with a full line of ancillary equipment and customized equipment solutions for specialized processes. Since 1985, Extru-Tech has installed extrusion systems worldwide, designed for the production of human food, pet food, aquatic feed and animal feed products.

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