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Vert Cooler Features

Next Generation of Vertical Coolers
Extru-Tech’s new Advanced Feature Vertical Cooler maintains cooling technology for pet foods, aquaculture feeds and feed. The Advanced Feature Vertical Cooler is designed to reduce operational cost, while maintaining a consistent and safe nished product.

Capability - Accuracy & Consistency
The new Advanced Feature Vertical Cooler features a multiple air inlet cone for 360-degree air inlet, eliminating the need for an internal perforated core. This design innovation allows for the continuous flow of air in and around the system.

Flexability - Set-Up Options
Depending on your needs the Advanced Feature Vertical Coolers are outfitted with an optional easy-access cone enclosure to facilitate even more direct air supply control, in addition to being fully compatible wih Clean-In-Place (CIP) sanitation.

Cleanability - Quick Clean
Extru-Tech’s sanitary design is very easy to inspect and clean due to no internal moving parts. The elimination of the perforated cone provides an easy access sanitary design for quick, complete clean-out. Design engineers have also added a rail mounted vibratory discharge feeder for quick removal and ease of cooler and conveyor cleaning, dramically reducing downtime and cost.